Love, Choreography and Passion in The Movie Step Up

Love, Choreography and Passion in The Movie Step Up

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In the summer of 2006, a movie by the name of “Step Up” came out. This movie soon would change the meaning of the teamwork, dedication and passion. Millions of dedicated fans from different age groups attended “Step Up” at its opening weekend. The plot plays out that a guy loves to dance, but is not involved in any professional groups. One day he gets into trouble with the law and has to complete his community service hours at an Art School. There he meets a girl and seeks his passion of dancing professionally. Love, choreography and passion are three qualities about the movie which moved and interested me.

Tyler comes from a poor foster family who is always in arguments. On the other hand, Nora comes from a high class family whose parents urge her to giving up oh her dreams of dancing and pursuing a career in law. When Tyler takes the blame for the destruction he caused fooling around in the school, he receives community service as a punishment. One day while he is completing his duty, he meets Nora. Sparks fly as she auditions him for the main role in her dance. The love interest in this movie makes it all the much better to watch.

Furthermore, the choreography in “Step Up” makes it so interesting and lively to view. Watching them perform the choreography they have been taught is just so amazing. As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect!’ Throughout this movie, the audience noticed how much of a drive each character has to perform to their absolute fullest. The way the characters move and dance draws the viewer’s attention even more.

Lastly, the passion all the characters exude is spectacular. Tyler comes from a beat down home and strives for success after seeing his potential in the world of art. His passion for dance makes him all the better at what he does. With the help of Nora, he is well on his way to victory. While Nora comes from a formal family whose father passed away, her mother thinks she knows what is best for her. However, her father always encouraged her to purse her dreams of dancing. But her mother is very skeptical about this, thinking that she cannot get anywhere with dance alone, when her mother realizes Nora’s passion for dance, she easily gives in and wants what makes Nora happier.

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Nora’s and Tyler’s passion for dance shows immensely throughout the entire movie.

Three qualities about the movie which move and interest me are love, choreography and passion. A dancer’s life is not all fun and games, if one is not fully dedicated, it is safe to assume they will not get the better hand. Tyler pursues his talent in dancing and realizes that will take him far in life. And Nora sets one goal for herself, and that is to do well on her showcase so she can get hired. Even though it may seem hard, one should always strive for success because it will be worth it in the end.
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