Love By William Shakespeare, By Walt Whitman Essay

Love By William Shakespeare, By Walt Whitman Essay

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There had been many muses to the world of poetry, may it be a person or even a perception on life. Love is one that prevails all in the musings and perhaps there is a reason for that. While there are some that are cynical in the way of love and how it affects a person, love can have many positive effects on the mood and behavior of an enamored individual.With works from well known poets such as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and even the bard himself, William Shakespeare, the subject of love jumps up from the pages as changing an individual. Not all these authors and word artists agree with how love warps the mind. May the subject of love come from words on paper, paint on a canvas, or even in the lives of these people, love can prevail and make the person and experience of life better.
Poets have been changed for the better by their muses and it shows in their works of art in the form of words on paper. As Dickinson states that she is “different from before/ As if I breathed superior air/ Or brushed a royal ground” as if love had transformed her world and the place that she lived in physically (lines 6-8). From words like “royal” and “superior”, the audience can infer that Dickinson feels better in the world she is living in. Now that she has fallen in love, the world seems to have transformed into the better with better air, better ground to walk on, and even her own body seems to be better. Walt Whitman even states that his breath “tastes sweeter, and all that day my food nourish 'd me more, and the beautiful day pass 'd well” to
further push the fact that his whole world has been affected by this powerful love. As he uses words such as “sweeter” and “beautiful”, it would appear that his forbearance has been quite enjoyable. ...

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...ntion is drawn to them. Even the angle the picture is drawn in draws all the attention to happy and comfortable these two characters are together. Keeping each other happy, comfortable, and relaxed seems to make these good people experience life in a series of small loving moments that seems to take up more importance than the bad. While a lot of society sees sex as the best way to show one another how much love they have, none of the pictures in this collection involves anything sexual of any kind. Love, not painted as a flaw or something to be ashamed of, is depicted in soft colors, happy smiles, reassurance, warmth.
Warmth is not what would be associated with the life of Emily Dickinson. During her life, she had seemed to be running from a mysterious fear. She left school as a teenager and went to live with her parents, up in her room where she would write poems.

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