Love And Togetherness Are Cornerstones For Human Beings Worldwide Essay

Love And Togetherness Are Cornerstones For Human Beings Worldwide Essay

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Love and togetherness are cornerstones for human beings worldwide. Many people have different forms of relationships from friendship to the ultimate step which is marriage. In any relationship there are many people involved from other friends to family which are constantly having an input or opinion on the issues surrounding the relationship. Relationships are healthy and a vital part in human development. It sets the stage from infancy to adulthood on how one will deal with all forms of relationships. How can you once love someone so deeply then end up hating them? So many years of togetherness fail? There are tons and tons of reasons why many fail for example they moved too quickly, unrecognized selfness from both partners, financial strain and others fall into temptation of infidelity or cheating. Researching married couples reveals unsettling numbers when certain factors aren’t given careful consideration.
According to a quote from Psychology Today it states the following: “About 19 percent of men and 12.3 percent of women have reported that they 've had had sex outside of their marriages, according to the 2012 General Social Survey. University of Denver researchers studied almost 1,000 unmarried couples in committed opposite-sex relationships and found that 14 percent had sex outside the relationship over a 21-month period and 43 percent of those couple 's relationships had ended because of the infidelity.” These are very unfortunate numbers and it shows that many other factors come into play as well as moving too fast and not taking the time to get to know someone. The long term lack of commitment from one partner that isn’t realized until time into the relationship. Jealously and controlling factors also push many couples ...

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...s seek out help to know that the therapist can add to the failure of the relationship is shocking. Vetting the therapist and asking pointed questions regarding their training is vital on top connecting with the therapist to ensure fairness as well as competent guidance.
The reasons that contribute to a failing relationship or marriage are both stressful on the couple and family involved. Learning that failure to get to know your partner, not getting to know the person’s financial habits and lack of commitment or truly being vested are serious issues. Then adding a poor professional service’s in the mix really begins to raise thoughts not normally considered. If this is your situation, research in full any help you may think you need and reflect on all issues plaguing the relationship not the one big blow up. Ask for help if needed and communicate with your partner.

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