Love And Its Dimensions Is Explored And Exposed Throughout The Movie, The King Lear 2008 Film

Love And Its Dimensions Is Explored And Exposed Throughout The Movie, The King Lear 2008 Film

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The theme of love and its dimensions is explored and exposed throughout the movie and play. In the King Lear 2008 movie, the camera serves as our eyes and unlike the theatre, which allows the audience to be introspective and interpret it without influence, the movie influences the viewer into a perspective that the director wishes for the audience to see. Each character has its distinct characteristics and these are first brought to light in act one scene one, qualities such as greed, pride, envy, maliciousness, truth and loyalty are all displayed within the theme of love and relationships, Words and actions bring irony, complexity, and insight to the play.
Act one scene one introduces the primary characters, the dynamics of dialogue allows values of each character to be understood, echoes the significance of conversation, and determines the issue of the whole action.
The Earl of Kent and the Earl of Gloucester enter discussing the upcoming division of the kingdom. Gloucester introduces Kent to his bastard son Edmund, whom Gloucester loves as much as his legitimate son Edgar. King Lear announces how he will divide his kingdom between his three daughters according to how they answer the question 'Which of you shall we say doth love us most? ' The most satisfactory answer will result in the largest share. Goneril replies she loves him 'more than word can wield the matter ' and is given a third of the kingdom. Regan claims her love is even more than Goneril 's and she receives an equal third. When Cordelia, the youngest is asked to answer, she replies 'nothing '. In her honesty and desire to be truthful, she cannot 'heave her heart into her mouth ' and refuses to answer as her sisters have done. Lear in his fury disowns Corde...

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...tails of their costumes. In addition,While it was hard to follow the Elizabethan dialect, the dramatic acts and background music, allowed me to interpret and have a better grasp of the play. Watching a film of a play allows the viewers to be closer to the characters. For instance, the audience is directed to the facial emotions, hand gestures, whenever the camera focuses and zooms into a specific character. That being said, it might also narrow the point of view that the audiences may otherwise choose to view the play. Since the film is not actually a theater play, there is a lack of, or there is less impact of the body movements and gestures of the actors, the open interpretation of a play is lost. Nonetheless, this camera direction allowed me to observe details, which would otherwise be left, unobserved if I were seated amongst the many audiences in the theatre.

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