Essay about Love And Hate Are Powerful And Contradicting Emotions

Essay about Love And Hate Are Powerful And Contradicting Emotions

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Love and hate are powerful and contradicting emotions. Love and hate are also the subjects under examination for several centuries yet even to the present day; it remains to be a mystery. For the past centuries, writers and poets have written about love showing that the stories of love can never fade way. For this essay, I will discuss three English literature sources that talk about the theme of love and hate. These are the poem Olds "Sex without Love”, the poem Kennel "After Making Love We Hear Footsteps and the story by Hemingway "Hills like White Elephants. I will use the poems to compare the traditional stance of sex that are within the parameters of marriage and love versus the belief that love is in itself an act of pleasure and that it is an act to be considered independently without any attachment to emotional strings. However, for the case of Olds Sharon she does not understand how others become attached to the pleasurable act. Hemingway approaches the theme of love and hates in the form of lost love while Kennel views love making within the context of love and marriage. I argue that sex outside marriage means the lack of love and unwanted pregnancy, unwanted babies and abortion, but sex in marriage with strong foundation of love means sharing the emotional feeling of love and this love is for children in the marriage union.

Olds opening line is to question, “How do they do it, the ones who make love without love?”(1). She is wondering how people become physically intimate without having first to be emotionally intimate. We have known since childhood that our bodies are temples, and we should not disrespect them by having sex without love. Sex is often appropriate at when it is within the confines...

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...ography. The poems clearly differentiate the situations happening in cases of sex without love and sex with love. Hemmingway’s Poem brings about the impact of lost love such as giving up the boyfriend or aborting the baby. Olds poem does portray a not even an ounce of romance in the contact moment by referring the contact of the surfaces with the term skin. It is a different case in Kennel’s poem who writes” after making love, quiet, touching along the length of our bodies,” it shows that love leads to the indestructible and strong relationship that only happens in marriage. We get closer to the participants of the poem since the speaker talks about a universal relationship especially in the last sentence this blessing love gives again into our arms about their child as a blessing with because of their love. A child in such a union is not a burden but a source of joy.

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