The Louisiana Purchase For President Jefferson Essay

The Louisiana Purchase For President Jefferson Essay

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One of the hugest land deals in history was the Louisiana Purchase. This land deal was a glorious accomplishment of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, but also posed several significant moral dilemmas for President Thomas Jefferson. There were as many disadvantages to the Louisiana Purchase for President Jefferson as there were advantages, but first lets talk about events leading to the purchase.

When Thomas Jefferson become president on 1801, one of his top goals was to take possession of the port of New Orleans. Its location was at the mouth of the Mississippi river on the Gulf of Mexico that made it ideal for farmers to transport their goods to markets. Jefferson sent a broker to talk to the current owner of New Orleans, France. The French general Napoleon needed money to pay for the war against Great Britain, but Jefferson first offer of 2 million was rejected. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson tried this time offering 10 million dollars. The French did not only agree to sell the New Orleans but threw in the rest of the Louisiana territory for 5 million.” The acquisition,of this immense territory further opened the door; to sectional rivalry, the expansion of slavery, and the eventual disruption of the Union in the Civil War” (Carson, David A. "BLANK PAPER OF THE CONSTITUTION: THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE DEBATES." Historian 54.3 (1992): 477)

The Louisiana Purchase increased the size of the United States. It made trade easier for the farmers, and “significant land area also meant more farming lands and more places for various business enterprises” (Levin, Neal. "The Louisiana Purchase." Boys ' Quest 12.5 (2007): 36.).It opened up more trade and business opportunities as well. Yes, the purchase had benefits but I believe it was a moral dil...

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...ved the agreement on October 20, 1803 with a majority of 24 to 7."(McGill, Sara Ann. "Louisiana Purchase." Louisiana Purchase (2009)

The Louisiana Territory added a valuable tract of land to the United States that contained many natural resources and provided more territory for settlers to make their homes.

I do believe that Thomas Jefferson was wrong to go against the constitution, but if he did not do that then United States of America would not be where it is today. It was very overwhelming for him because he believed in the Constitution and going against it was morally wrong. Although some people were not in full support of it, it helped the nation a lot back then; people had jobs, they had a place to call home, and the economy was booming. I think that Thomas Jefferson made the right choice to purchase Louisiana, who made life better for the American citizens.

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