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Louise Saint-Just and The Republic Essay

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Louise Saint-Just and The Republic Louise Saint-Just once said, “The Republic consists of the
extermination of everything that opposes it.” Being the right-hand man
of Robespierre, the leader of the Terror, Saint-Just is obviously
referring to the First Republic of France from 1792-1795. What he
means by this, is that the essence of the sovereignty of the Republic
was that it literally wiped out anyone, or anything that had opposing
ideas to it or that posed any threat to itÂ’s power. One would have to
agree with his statement because the Republic literally did kill
everyone that opposed to it. As soon as some people who opposed the
policies of Robespierre werenÂ’t killed, the Terror was ended and
Robespierre himself was killed. This proves that the essence of the
Republics power truly was in exterminating the opposition, because as
soon as they slipped up a bit, the Republic was overthrown. However
they had managed to completely suppress any opposition to the Republic
for almost two years before and there are many examples of this brutal
suppression, which support Saint-JustÂ’s statement and demonstrate the
extermination of opposition.

From day one, the First Republic of France (which will now simply
be referred to as: the Republic) exercised a policy of the
extermination of all that opposed it. One of the first things the
Jacobins did was to depose Louise. They were no longer giving the
Constitutional Monarchy a chance, and so simply removed all his power.
This occurred in late September of 1792. However, the Republic clearly
felt that merely removing Louise fro...

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...unced, to the downfall of Robespierre in the
summer of 1794, the Republic, although having passed several notably
progressive laws mainly about the equality of man, basically destroyed
any resistance to itÂ’s policies. Although they kept justifying their
actions by saying that it was all just to calm the counter
revolutionary forces before establishing a true democracy, I truly
believe that had the Terror not ended when it did, it may have been a
long time before it ended at all. The government appeared to abuse
their power more and more as time went on and I donÂ’t think that if
there had been no more opposition, they simply would have dropped
their policies. Therefore I whole-heartedly agree with Saint-JustÂ’s
statement. I believe that the Republic truly did consist of the
extermination of everything that opposed it.

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