Louis Xiv The Great And The Sun King Essay

Louis Xiv The Great And The Sun King Essay

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Louis XIV the king that held his monarchy for the longest recorded time in European history [72 years], one of the most influential monarchs, who was also referred to as Louis the Great and the Sun King. During his reign Louis XIV played an important role in art and literature of France, transformed the monarchy and turned France into the dominant powerful European country. Louis XIV is known for his great accomplishments that rose France among other European countries however it is a controversial statement.
As much as Louis XIV is known for successfully establishing absolute monarchy and gaining France power he is also known of the economic damage, repressions of Huguenots[French Protestants], and the total control over the nobility. William Beik, in his book Louis XIV and Absolutism, said, “This king epitomizes the height of royal authority, majesty, and, for some reason, arrogance.” In other words, the greatness of Louis XIV as a king is rather ambiguous and some of his actions are questionable. Louis XIV’s establishment of absolute monarchy, brutal repressions against Huguenots, and the willing to control very single step of the nobility may shake his title “the Great”.
When King Louis XIII, whose reign was dominated by his chief minister of state Cardinal Richelieu, died France was left on the verge of the series of revolts that evolved into civil wars [the Fronde]. As has been said, Louis XIII accomplishments like centralization of the royal power and expansion of France influence on other European countries were the merit of Cardinal Richelieu. The Fronde and the power of Cardinal Richelieu influenced Louis XIV in many ways and were one of the major reasons why the absolutism was established.
In the time when the Frond...

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... to practice their religion, changed his mind. Saint Maurice commented on the situation, “The Protestants are discovering that they no longer have any protectors. The king has abolished the Chambers of the Edict…” Louis XIV claimed that the majority of Huguenots converted into Catholicism therefore the Edict was revoked. The Huguenots’ churches were demolished and their gathering were forbidden. The repression of the Huguenots raised protests and anti-French movement among Huguenot community that was on of the causes of the French Revolution.
Overall, all the orders and actions of the king were meant to establish the absolute monarch and his, Louis XIV, absolute power over every aspect of the state. However, most of them led to bad consequences. Even though Louis XIV is known as Louis the Great after his reign the country was left weak and in financial devastation.

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