Louis Farrakhan, The Muslim Leader Of The Nation Of Islam Essays

Louis Farrakhan, The Muslim Leader Of The Nation Of Islam Essays

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Louis Farrakhan is the Muslim leader of the Nation Of Islam, headquartered in Chicago. Farrakhan has made it clear that the Nation Of Islam really wants to see the United States of America become a literal "nation of Islam."

To paraphrase a speech given by Farrakhan at the Nation Of Islam Headquarters:

FARRAKHAN: Whites have oppressed blacks for hundreds of years, and a reckoning is due for the iniquities of their fathers. Although the fathers are long gone and dead, their offspring are doing the same things that they did. Look at the police shootings of Tamir Rice and Michael Brown; this is more
evidence of the continued oppression perpetrated by white people against black people!

ME: Yeah, right, Louie! I can see that you have a severe case of tunnel vision that keeps you from mentioning the rampant degree of "continued oppression perpetrated BY black people AGAINST black people" in the form of black-on-black crimes and shootings. The numbers prove that blacks are a far-greater oppressor to THEMSELVES than whites are, but I 'm sure that 's not relevant to you.

Please, go on....

FARRAKHAN: “Prepare slaughter for the children for the iniquities of their fathers.”

ME: I see that you 're quoting Scripture from our Christian Bible. Would that be Isaiah 14:21, by chance? That piece of Biblical scripture pertained to another group of people long, long ago; LEAVE IT THAT WAY! And STOP using OUR Bible to stir up trouble; you Muslims do enough of THAT with your OWN bible, the koran. You 're a Muslim; you have no business in our Bible. Keep your nose out!

ME: In addition to hijacking Islam to justify your catastrophic jihad, you and your fellow Muslim extremists are trying to hijack the Christian Bible to stir up more war agains...

... middle of paper ...

...l obstacles and enemies is counter-productive" (putting it nicely) to achieving success.

ME: ISIS 's retarded strategy of lining its path with BIG enemies was/is as inexplicable as it is dumb; it pretty much guarantees ISIS 's impending failure.

ME: The new kid on the block DID get a lucky break when he started his bullying, however; the BIGGEST and MOST POWERFUL kid on the block (US) was very slow in reacting to the new kid 's bullying, pretty much letting him do what he wanted, until a couple of OTHER big kids had enough and decided to DO something to the new kid.
ME: ISIS and the rest of you Islamic extremists, Louie, are just too radical and fanatic to see where you 're going to end up. You people are just like a delusional man standing on the edge of a tall cliff. Ever so confident, and believing that he will fly, he spreads out his imaginary wings and JUMPS.

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