Louis Armstrong And Bix Beiderbecke Essay

Louis Armstrong And Bix Beiderbecke Essay

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Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke were two of the most popular jazz artists of their times. These two men had the similarity of loving jazz music, however there were also many differences between the two. These two men had different lives growing up, Louis Armstrong grew up in a wealthy family, there was not struggle for him growing up while on the other hand Bix Beiderbecke grew up in a poor family and he had many struggles growing up in the streets of New Orleans. Then there were their musical styles, these men were known for their distinct musical styles. Louis Armstrong seemed to focus on hot jazz while Bix Beiderbecke focused more on a cool, reflective type of jazz. They seem to focus on two different things and this can be the reason why Louis Armstrong was known more around the world while Bix was known more around New Orleans and across the United States.
Louis Armstrong is considered by many people as one of the most influential artists in jazz. As a child growing up in New Orleans Louis Armstrong struggled, he had to leave school while he was in fifth grade to work. That is one of the reasons why Louis began to sing. He worked for a Jewish family and they were the ones who encouraged him to sing, the family would invite Louis over to eat, they knew how he was struggling. The first time that Louis Armstrong played an instrument was in 1913 when he was in Colored Waif’s Home for Boys. The reason for him playing an instrument was because he was in a class that taught the boys of the house to play instruments and the instrument that Louis chose was the cornet and he fell in love with it. Then in 1914 he was released from the home and he chased his dream of making music. There was one man who helped Louis a lot and that w...

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...nted while Bix didn’t have it that tough until later on in his life with his alcohol problem which killed him at an early age sadly, however the things that they went through influenced them to have their own unique style from the rest. However, they did have the equal amount of love for jazz which can be seen by many. Louis Armstrong influenced jazz in his own way with especially when he came out with his “Hot Five” and “Hot Seven” records which many people say are some of the best jazz tracks that have been produced. Then there was Bix who created the “cool jazz” style which also made a big impact for jazz. Even though Louis was known more than Bix they still both made a big impact on the world of jazz and made it what it is today. These two men will never be forgotten for what they did and this can be seen with the many jazz artists that they have impacted today.

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