Lottery Ticket Should Not Be Banned Essay

Lottery Ticket Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Some of us over the course of our lives, have at least purchase one a lottery ticket. We go to our nearest liquor store, we buy the lottery ticket and pray we are the chosen one. But, how often do we stop and ask ourselves, where does the money from buying a lottery ticket go? A lot of people assume it’s all for fun and games, others might say the sales of lottery tickets are put back into the community, or simply the money is kept by the state, who at the end decide what to do with that money. The fact is that, when someone buys a lottery ticket that money is collected by states lotteries, and they’re the ones who distribute the money according to state law. And if any revenue is left to spare, it goes directly into the state treasury.
Over the last few years California has had a huge increase in lottery sales due to new fascinating games and the increase of large prize money that gets bigger and bigger every year. Even if they lose, many players feel they are doing something good for the economy by simply purchasing a lottery ticket. The biggest claim state lotteries make is that a good portion of the money from lottery sales go towards education. Americans gamble over $54 billion a year on lotteries, and the majority of the 42 states that run lotteries affirm that the games increase funding for education.
When most states legalized lottery games, they were meant to generate funds for public education and other community projects without adding another tax to citizens. From the very beginning it was mandated that schools needed to receive a portion of lottery sales. Over the course of the years the amount of money distribute to schools has slightly changed. At least 50 percent of tickets sales go back to the public as prizes,...

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... to generate funds without having to impose a new tax on citizens. And to this day many feel that lottery revenues help the community, primarily education. If anyone has ever watched a lottery commercial we are often persuaded to believe they are supporting a "good cause" which is the primary messages they use to advertize themselves, both to lottery players and to the voting public. It 's true that lottery money does go to into a special fund for education. But when it does, tax dollars get pulled out of education and spent elsewhere, in the end, the schools are no better off. In reality, most of the money from lottery revenues end up covering the cost of running a lottery. And no matter how much state lotteries try to convinced us that they do benefit schools, it is important to know that lottery revenues hardly make a difference in education and public services.

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