The Lottery Is A Story About A Tradition Essay

The Lottery Is A Story About A Tradition Essay

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The Lottery is a story about a tradition that has been going on for many years, but leads to death at the end. In the town square, villagers gather and watch as Mr. Sumemers brings out the black box, that is part of the tradition known as The Lottery, and mixes the slips in the box. He calls up each family and if they get a blank paper, they are safe and if they get a paper with a black dot on it, they get “the lottery”. In other towns, the lottery used to go on for 2 days straight. In the town square, the children are gathering stones and organizing them, the women are talking to each other, and the men are discussing their jobs and taxes. When someone gets picked as the lottery “winner”, they get stoned. After Bill Hutchison gets picked, his wife, Tessie, call a redraw for her family because they didn’t have enough time. Mr. summers agrees and after Tessie gets picked, she tells the townspeople how it isn’t fair. This shows us what and how blindly following tradition can do to one person and how it can affect them as a whole. While reading The Lottery, it makes you wonder as to why the people of the town are still holding on to the tradition of The Lottery when they know what it leads to. This tradition went on for many years and will still go because the people fail to realize what this tradition really does to someone, how bad it is to still continue on this tradition, and that they don’t need a reason to end the tradition.
Shirley Jackson gives us insight that blindly following tradition can create violence in society and how it can affect the people. When someone is picked for The Lottery, “the victim and his/her family do not have any right to say a single word against society,” according to Junaid’s short story post. Bl...

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...up. (Delaney) Many traditions that many people are harmless and even though some don’t know why they have traditions, they still participate as they see everyone also participate. In this situation, it can be a good thing to blindly follow traditions and not change, but in The Lottery, it can be disastrous and lead to many dreadful consequences. (Lachancema)
Thus, blindly following tradition in this story shows us that the people of the town continue The Lottery even though they know what the outcome entails. This tradition can produce many unhealthy consequences, someone’s death, and mistrust between families and friends, which ultimately leads to the negative side of blindly following tradition and how this tradition can impact a child in the future.. This story also gives you insight as to why and how the people of the town continue to blindly follow tradition.

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