The Lottery Is A Bad Thing Essay

The Lottery Is A Bad Thing Essay

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Most people are hopeful to win a prize when they think of the lottery, but that is not the case in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”. In this short story, winning the lottery is a bad thing, not a good thing. If someone were to win the lottery in this case, he or she would be stoned to death. To determine who is the lucky winner of this dreadful lottery, the man of each household is to pick a piece of paper outside of a black box and the one with a black dot on the paper is the winning family. Then, each member of the family picks a paper out of a box and again, the one with the black dot is the winner, or in this case, the loser. One would assume the family that is chosen would be devastated and do anything to protect each other, but that is not the case in this short story. It is every man for himself. In this paper, I will argue how family means nothing to the people participating in the lottery.
As people start arriving at the square on June 27th, families starting migrating towards each other as one would expect. As the men initially went up to grab their slip of papers, the wiv...

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