The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson And Summer Rituals Essay

The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson And Summer Rituals Essay

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The stories of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “Summer Rituals” by Ray Bradbury are of tradition and gathering’s. During the summer, men, women, and children gather for an annual event.”Summer Rituals” has a positive family gathering on the front porch. “The Lottery” is a dark story that takes place in a village.The townspeople get together to draw a piece of paper and see who is chosen to get stoned to death. Each story has a connection to each other through their traditions
The first glimpse of tradition in both stories is shown at the beginning. In “The Lottery”, Jackson states that “The women came shortly after the men folk” (260). The men gather into town before the women. The men were active participants in the drawing, while the women were rarely chosen to draw. This is the same case in “Summer Rituals”. The men showed up for dinner first while the women stayed in the back room talking with each other. At the time both of these stories were written, this was common. Women weren’t treated equal to men. Men had a sense of superiority and importance since they run the household. The story symbolizes what role men and women played in society.
Both of the the stories take place in the summer.The characters in “Summer Rituals” fan themselves with bamboo whisks, folded newspapers, or perfumed kerchiefs. In “The Lottery”. the day is June 27th and is a very beautiful day in the village. The settings are in the summer because the gatherings are positive in their own way. It gives a sense of beauty to the reader. “Summer Rituals” gives off a warm, positive feeling with the family enjoying time with each other. The characters would smoke, eat, drink, and talk together. “The Lottery” is a horror story which usually takes plac...

... middle of paper ... a hand has reached out to someone, good times have been shared, and laughter has filled the air. This is the feeling we get from “Summer Rituals”. Then there is a negative side to humans. Wars are rampaging on the earth, killings are common to see when you turn on the news, corruption, destruction. A few of these scenarios are shown in “The Lottery”. The words of Mrs.Hutchinson cry out saying, “‘It isn’t fair, it isn’t right’” (Jackson 79). In the end, the biggest contrast is that “The Lottery’s” tradition should be changed and “Summer Rituals” should not.
The main points of the story are how both of the traditions have a connection with each other. Both have meaning to the characters that participate in it, they have rules set for the occasion, by the next day the occasion is not remembered by most of the participants, and they both take place during the Summer.

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