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The “Others” Revealed

The ABC show Lost has never failed to surprise me. The twists and cliffs just keep coming. This past week season three has started. Just as in past seasons another twist to the show has emerged with another journey to explore and possible answers to be revealed for the mysteries of island. One thing is certain, after two seasons I’m still lost as ever.
The show starts out in house with a woman is putting on a CD, and she seems sad. She is getting things ready for a book club meeting when she burns herself while preparing some muffins. So is this a flashback; who is this woman? There is some drama during her book club meeting with her and a guest when an earthquake hits. After the earthquake is over everyone runs outside. It’s a small community of houses. They resembles the fifty’s era with pastel colors. We are in suburbia, right? Another possible cause for the earthquake is the plane exploding and crashing over their heads. As it crashes we see it split in two pieces. Then we see a familiar face from last season, the Henry Gale imposter. We learn that his name is Ben and he orders two more familiar faces, Goodwin and Ethan, to go and investigate the plane crash. Ben asks both of them for lists of names in three days. Then the picture fades back to reveal the island with this community tucked in the middle of it. This is a flashback for the island and the “others.”
It is finally revealed where the “others” live. For two seasons we have guessed about these people. Last season hinted the others to be scientists but primitive in living conditions. We know have a little more insight but the question of why they kidnapped Jack, Sawyer, and Kate still is unanswered.
This episode is filled with background flashbacks for Jack. We learn that he was obsessed with finding out who stole his wife away from him before the plane crash. He even goes so far as calling all the numbers from her cell phone bill. He even accuses his father as being the one who stole her from him.
Going back to the island, Jack awakes in this dark room on a table. The table is made of metal and chains are hanging above it. There are two doors.

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The closest one to him is locked. The other is open and across the room. Jack soon finds out the room is divided by a glass wall keeping him from getting out. He also notices that blood has been drawn form his arm.
After some time, we see Jack is still trying to get out from this room. He starts pulling on the chains above the metal table when a woman comes into the other half of the room. She introduces herself as Juliet. She is the same woman that was baking muffins and organizing the book club meeting. Jack is asking where his friends are. She tries to talk to him projecting a sense of comfort to him, but he isn’t having anything to do with her. Jack is not buying her kindness as she leaves the room.
Some more time passes and Juliet visits Jack again. This time she is offering food. She tries to probe Jack with questions about his profession, and the plane crash. Jack pretty much answers her questions with lies and continues to ask what is going on and where are his friends. Juliet is calm and collected, always projecting a kind face, but she finally leaves the room again giving no food or answers to his questions.
Juliet visits for a third time, again with food. This time she threatening the side affects from the drugs that were given to him if he doesn’t eat. Jack jokes with her as if she was a doctor, and she replies back with the same lies he gave her a while back. Jack starts to realize she knows a little more than she is showing and starts to understand the situation he is in. He pretends to follow her rules as she asks him to sits with his back against the far wall so she can enter his "room" and bring him food. As soon as she can enter, Jack attacks her, and demands to be let go. As soon as the leave the room Ben appears as Jack is demanding Juliet to open a hatch door. Ben reaffirms Juliet’s statement to Jack that if the door is opened they will all be killed. Ignoring the warnings Jack throws Juliet aside and starts to open the hatch. Just as he opens it, huge amounts of water start to flood in. Ben escapes leaving Juliet and Jack to work together to stay alive. As soon as they get the water to stop flooding in Juliet knocks Jack out.
Jack wakes up in the same room on the same metal table but this time Juliet is waiting for him on the other side of the glass wall. He figures out that they must be underwater in some kind of hatch. Juliet reveals that they are in the Hydra, another station in the Dharma Initiative. This time Juliet has more than just food with her. She is holding a think red folder with information on Jack’s life. She reveals to him that she knows he’s a doctor and that his father died. She has a copy of death certificate in the folder. Jack’s face shows the amazement of the information she has on him. Everything about his life is in that folder. Jack asks about his ex-wife and if she is happy. Juliet replies confidently that she is happy, and we get a sense that Jack finally has some closure on that subject. Juliet has finally gotten thru to him, and he has been broken. Jack concedes to Joliet’s orders and allows her to enter the room to provide him with food and water. As Juliet steps out of the room, Ben is waiting in the hallway and acknowledges her by saying “Good work.”
Moving outside of the hatch, Sawyer awakes in the jungle. He is trapped in a large cage, similar to one you would find in a zoo. He can see a building of some kind and another cage across from him. There is a young man in that cage, and at first the stranger doesn’t say much to Sawyer except to warn him about hitting a food dispenser button. Sawyer should have listen because as soon has he hit the button three times he is shocked and knock back to the ground.
Sawyer is determined to figure out the food dispenser. There must be some trick or sequence to it. Out of nowhere the stranger in the other cage starts to ask a lot of questions about Sawyer’s camp. Before Sawyer can even answer his questions he has escaped his cage and is now freeing Sawyer. He only frees Sawyer as a distraction for his escape. Juliet quickly ketches Sawyer and he is dragged back to his cage. The escape was short live for both. A team of other drag the stranger back to Sawyer’s cage and force him to apologize to Sawyer. This is a strange moment.
Kate has her own set of strange moments too. She awakes to find the one of the others, Mr. Friendly, standing over her. She has had some blood drawn from her arm and asks about her friends. Mr. Friendly has no answers for her and forces her to shower, and while showering he exchanges her clothes for a new dress. After Kate is showered up and in a dress, Mr. Friendly takes her down to the beach. There is a beautiful scene with breakfast waiting for her. Unfortunately Ben is there with handcuffs. Kate is confronts Ben about the dress and breakfast, only to learn that Ben is only giving her this kindness as something to hang on too as he threatens the weeks to follow to be very unpleasant.
Sawyer finally works out the food dispenser, only to get a biscuit, grain, and some water. Mr. Friendly locks up Kate in the cage across from him. Sawyer and Kate reconnect as he shares his biscuit with Kate.
The show closes with more questions then answers. Most shows build, reveal, and tell a story. Lost is very unique because you get more and more lost as the story is told. Yet at the same time you are dragged into it hoping for the mysteries to be revealed.
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