Lost Souls in Charles Dicken´s Great Expectations and in Masterpiece´s Adaptation for TV

Lost Souls in Charles Dicken´s Great Expectations and in Masterpiece´s Adaptation for TV

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As stated by the Macmillan Dictionary a lost soul is, “someone who seems unhappy and unable to deal with the ordinary events and activities of life.” This idea of being a lost soul can be applied to an abounding amount of the characters in Great Expectations. Throughout this Bildungsroman novel, the reader’s experience many instances of lost souls blooming and becoming a better version of themselves, especially during many moments of self-discovery in Pip. He moves from being an innocent, ignorant adolescent to a snobbish, arrogant young man later growing more humble after many years ridden with guilt. Masterpiece’s rendition of Great Expectations allows the reader to gain a deeper understanding of many aspects of the novel through their similarities. Some of the resemblances include: the character’s craving for appreciation, the dark ambiance portrayed, and the common theme of compelling guilt.
Throughout both diversifications of Great Expectation, the audience is overwhelmed with the longing for love and compassion from two of the main characters, Miss Havisham and Estella. Miss Havisham is portrayed as a love-crazed, old lady looking for some empathy in her life. Unwilling to move on from heartbreaks, Havisham is stuck in the past. After being left at the altar, she refuses to take off her wedding day attire or change the clocks to the current time. The way Pip describes his first impressions of Miss Havisham’s appearance portrays how fragile she actually is, “I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes” (Dickens 71). As a result, the audience understands that the need to be loved can actually be harmful in the...

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...on. This reflects how powerful love really is. The simple action of loving someone can change people’s lives. Dickens and Masterpiece both create an invasive feeling of guilt and regret throughout the story.
Characters who yearn for appreciation, the portrayal of a depressing ambiance, and the repetition of buried guilt are a few resemblances of the Masterpiece rendition of Great Expectations and Dickens’ novel. In both adaptations, many characters struggle with the loneliness and troubles of life. Although life’s issues differ from when the novel was written until now, the audience can still relate to the characters. This classic story has traveled through many era’s and the moral is still understandable to all people who have enjoyed the tale in its many different formats. It is especially relatable to those who have struggled to cope with the challenges of life.

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