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Essay about Lost in Space

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Lost in Space

In the year 4621 a marvelous innovation developed by the Nova Corporation which was made to power planet’s for millions of years, These were put in place thousands of years ago and are still functioning today, but recently wierd things have been happening. Today walking through town I realized that nobody was working at the Nova Geothermal site on my planet and most of the government had simply just left. I had gone to my best friend Arlens house where I had been discussing to him about the weird findings, we turned on the television to see that there were no channels online beside the local newscasting. and they hadn’t said anything important. Days past and the days were becoming hotter and hotter, we weren’t completely numb and realized something bad was happening, we decided that day to head to the local spaceport and see if we could purchase a ticket to one of the near planets but on arrival to the spaceport it was closed and no one was in sight, although the towns were completely normal. We knew we had to get out of this planet so we got into the spaceport to find an old ship that was manageable and we decided to just go, we had no one on this planet we knew as we were only here for work so we decided to go.
The two prepared the ship for launch, they ran around checking everything to make sure they could get to a safe distance from the planet, the fuel tank had been filled to about half - empty and after about 30 minutes of making sure this old thing wouldn’t explode we turned everything on and we saw a broadcast from the spaceships monitor, a military looking man was on the screen, it looked like a repeat so we listened and the man began to say “The planet must be evacuated now.” ...

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...ours, we had traveled about 3 trillion miles until we had finally made it halfway through the solar system, I sat alone and began to think about the universe, were so small compared to everything else, from small cluster to cluster, to larger clusters that seem endless towards forming what the universe is. The universe had to come from something right, I mean nobody knows what was here before the universe, all the matter and energy in the universe were collected in one dense area that must of caused a massive explosion to theorize a never end universe that is always growing, some believe that there is no end or beginning to the universe and that it has always been.
We had been traveling for almost a month now and we were only 1000 miles from the planet, the story for us is over, I don’t think I’ll be doing this again.

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