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It’s a lie to say that Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark is anything less than adventurous. Filled with underground traps and mystical hidden treasures, this movie can easily be classified as a modern day epic. A literary work is considered an epic if the protagonist is brave and wise, the setting is on a grand and vast scale, the actions in the work require superhuman abilities, supernatural entities involve themselves with the hero, and the work is written in an elevated style. Though only three of the qualities are strongly apparent in the movie, the qualities are solid and make Raiders of the Lost Ark clearly a modern epic in today’s world.
The protagonist of any epic must be able to accomplish feats that normal people in society are unable of. The main character of the movie, Dr. Indiana Jones, possesses a lot of qualities that are surprising to the viewer. He performs mighty and noble actions, uses fantastic finesse, and shows outstanding superhuman abilities. Dr. Jones definitely expresses these incredible qualities multiple times throughout the movie. One time in particular is when the Nazis had taken back the Ark. At this point, they had stuck the Ark in the back of a truck and driven off. Dr. Jones needed to get in control of the German truck, so he jumped on the back of a horse and caught up with it. While the vehicle was traveling down the bumpy, dirt road, he managed to jump on it and climb in the cab, which led to him battling with many men. His superhuman strength became obvious when he punched one of the men so hard that the man flew out the side of the truck and down an embankment. In the same fighting scene, Indiana was knocked through the windshield by a Nazi. He was able to hang onto the front grill,...

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...ndiana Jones instructed Marion to keep her eyes shut to keep from looking at the supernatural being, and he did the same. Since they did, they were saved. The entity personally interfered with Dr. Jones’ life when the ropes that bound himself and Marion were broken. After all the events that occurred during this segment of the movie, it’s clear to see that these events weren’t the doings of an average person. The supernatural action in this movie makes it epic, literally.
Raiders of the Lost Ark is clearly an epic, but it’s an atypical kind. It doesn’t contain all five characteristics of a classic epic, but the three it holds are evident enough to classify it as a modern one. Even as the ways today’s epics are shown across the big screen changes, the underlying foundation and criteria will stay consistent. After all, an epic is an epic- no matter what form it takes.

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