The Loss Of Someone Is Hard For You Essay

The Loss Of Someone Is Hard For You Essay

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Have you ever thought about what was hard for you to talk about? Depending on who you are and where you are from may determine what may be is hard for you to talk about. Different people go through many different things in life and it can be difficult to explain or even share with others or maybe the person is not ready to discuss the issues. Most people may say that the loss of someone is something that is hard to speak on and I would agree, but there are many other things that difficult to talk about. Something may be racism, the next chapter of your life, or even talking to parents about certain things.
The most common thing that is hard to talk about, in my opinion, is the loss of someone. When I think about losing someone I think about death, not seeing someone for a long time, and missing the relationship that you and that person shared. Death may be the most difficult one because some people may not understand how to cope with it. They may be too young, may not have experienced it before, or had a bond with that person that was unbreakable, but death is not the only way to lose someone. Not seeing someone for a long time can be another aspect in life that may be tough to deal with; which may include a family member or friend moving away, going to jail, or distancing themselves from you. If this happens it can be hard to tackle, knowing that the person is around but you can not see them whenever you want, and you will begin to miss the relationship or bond that you and that person shared. By losing these people, it may because you to become a different person than you already are; which can lead to stress, the change in your attitude, the change in your behavior, or even making it hard for you to discussion the issues.

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... because you wanted to be seen as that “perfect child.” When growing up, telling my mom something I did not want her to know was terrifying but no matter if I did not tell her or not she would find out, and there was no room for lies about she always got the truth out of me. That is why talking to parents about things is difficult to talk about.
In conclusion, there are many things that are hard for certain people to talk about, but it is determined by who you are, where you are from, and how you were raised. Different people go through different things in life depending on their situation, for me, these are some of the most difficult things that I have had to deal with and they are still kind of awkward to talk about today. Writing this essay has shown me that it is okay to hesitate to talk about something because you may not be ready to talk about it at that time.

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