The Loss Of Life For The Civil War Essay

The Loss Of Life For The Civil War Essay

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The total loss of life for the Civil War is estimated at 618,000 men on both sides.1 While, the number could be higher or lower it does reveal that the grief that Margaret felt happened across the country. This idea of being unable to believe in the death of a loved one happened to different people, just like Margaret. Different women wrote, “I sometimes think her is not dead, it might have been a mistake….I find myself continually thinking of him as alive.”2 The women who were left behind where unable to understand the sudden death of a loved one. These women carried their grief they were not likely to not it. While men came back from the battles with scars, women carried around their grief as their scars from the war.
While, Margaret grieves for her husband, she also has fears for her own safety. Her letter to her mother record the problems of safety, and stealing: “Times get worse instead of better….Price promised to send a company of men up here for our guard and to protect our property, but later thought it best to start south.”3 Margaret attempts of have guard to protect her plantation, and her person. She is not safe in her own home, this truly lays in her southern sympathies, and her wealth. It was common to raid plantation for food, good, and other supplies. Margaret wrote, “They took two wagon loaded full from here, my carriage, and every negro4 on the place.” 5 Margaret home is stripped of everything that brought her the comfortable life that she knew. Her interactions with soldiers is not pleasant, they take everything from her; this interaction commonly happen across the country during the war.
Soldiers and civilian interactions were high, but especially in areas were soldiers fought, and occupied areas. Mar...

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...morning the soldiers went down to the mend and told them they were hanging them and began court and jury went up where they were hanging and cut them down and throw them into a wagon like a couple of hogs. 13
This depreciation is upsetting, it reads rather cold on the part of Margaret; however, from the context of the whole letter, the readers understands her grief. Margret is most definitely frustrated at the treatment of Stephan in the moments during and following his death. She is personally affected by the actions of a mob. Margaret letter gives understanding to the mentally of the people in Kansas. This area has been contested over since the early 1850 's, violence, and stealing have most liking been common. Frustration had a place to vent, by killing some the crowd believed stolen goods. For Stephan he loss his life, for Margaret her life is filled with grief.

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