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Loss Of Faith Upon Evil Essay

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Loss of Faith upon Evil in “Young Goodman Brown”
Young is the start of his experiences that contribute into becoming a Good-man with a meaningful purpose, overtaken by the inner brown shadow of darkness. An interpretation of the short story “Young Goodman Brown” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This story takes place is Salem Massachusetts in around the 17th century where the existence of witches and evil Indians was a very real threat to the religion driven Puritan population. One faithful man, named Goodman Brown, set off to meet the devil in hopes to reveal the hypocrisy among the village’s consecrated people, but in turn was awakened by his inner shaded truth, wherein he did not anticipate or overcome. Throughout this story, there are many perceptions possible with countless Ambiguities emphasized through characters and settings along with a denouement plot to be evaluated by one’s moral beliefs.
This story introduces a young religious man, Goodman Brown, who was consumed by a longing to confront the devil to satisfy his suspicion of insincerity among his fellow religious puritan community. Goodman Brown had been married to his wife, named Faith, for about three months, when he set out one night into the forest in search of answers, against his wife’s wishes and his gut feeling. This was the beginning of the end of life as he knew it; nothing would ever be the same again. His journey tested his faith as he stumbled upon symbolic figures of familiar faces that eventually introduce him to the unknown. These figures represented family and important people he had looked up too and highly respected. Disbelief was an overwhelming challenge that inched at his certainty; however, his faith (representing his wife) kept him g...

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...me Faith, indirectly as a godly form. For example, when Goodman was scolded on his journey through the forest by an old man (devil in disguise) “You are late, Goodman Brown,” (93) and Goodman responded “Faith kept me back awhile” (93) meaning his wife and his actual faith. Hawthorn’s theme was enhanced by his thought-provoking fictitious characters were necessary for distinguishing good from evil...
In conclusion, towards the end of this story, Hawthorn asks the readers a question “Had Goodman Brown fallen asleep in the forest and only dreamed a wild dream of a witch-meeting?”(101). Moreover, continues with “Be it so, if you will” (101). Meaning, one can conclude it was in fact nothing more than a dream, or an ending to be interpreted within one’s moral beliefs. Sometimes, an act of judgment upon others revealing evil can open unexpected soars that just don’t heal.

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