Los Angeles: The 30's & 40's Versus Today

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Los Angeles in the 30’s & 40’s vs. Today Los Angeles was a very different world in the tumultuous era of the 1930’s and 1940’s. There were many things that made the headlines, not all of them outstanding events to be remembered for their daring or heartwarming abilities. In 1930, LAX was opened in Mines Field, so named for the real estate agent that secured the deal for the 640 acres in southern Westchester to be converted into landing strips instead of fields of wheat, barley and lima beans, as the field was prior. The city bought it as a municipal airfield in 1937, and the airport continued as Mines Field until 1941 when it changed to Los Angeles Airport, then to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in 1949. Although LAX is currently a world renowned airport, it wasn’t always the center of attention. Prior to its inception, the primary airports for Los Angeles were Burbank and Grand Central Airport in Glendale. It wasn’t until 1946 that they started serving LAX, because it was just too far out of the way. At that time, it was located east of Sepulveda Boulevard, which ended up being rerouted to the west to loop around the new runways that were created in 1950. Nowadays, LAX is considered one of the busiest airports in the world, with nearly 60 million passengers using the airport each year. They also have a dual function as a civil-military base, providing the U. S. Coast Guard an area to launch, operate and repair their HH-65 Dolphin helicopters. (Delta Mike Airfield, 2008). Although the birth of LAX is a notable part of history in L.A., it was only the beginning of many not-so-good firsts for the city. In 1934, Upton Sinclair decided to run for the governor’s seat of California. He was a famous writer and activist, but... ... middle of paper ... ...Field”. Davis-Monthan Aviation Field Register. Web. 03 April, 2011. Drug Policy Alliance (2011). “Police Corruption”. Drugs, Police and the Law. Web. 03 April, 2011. Gordonskene (2010). “Vice, Illegal Gambling, Bombings, Beatings, Intimidation, Police Corruption - L.A. in the 1930’s. You Gotta Love It!” Crooks and Liars. Web. 03 April, 2011. Kurashige, Scott (2004). “The Many Facets of Brown: Integration in a Multiracial Society”. Oxford Journal 2004: 56-68. Print. Mitchell, Greg (2008). “Think This Year’s Campaign is Dirty? Check out 1934 -- and the Birth of Modern Politics”. Huffington Post Media. Web. 02 April, 2011. Passel, Jeffrey S. (2004). “Mexican Immigration to the US: The Latest Estimates”. Migration Information Source. Web. 02 April, 2011. Time Magazine (1938). “California: Reform Over Los Angeles”. Time Magazine. Web. 03 April, 2011.

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