Essay on The Los Angeles Police Department

Essay on The Los Angeles Police Department

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Los Angeles, California, a beautiful city known for its glamourous celebrities, lovely palm trees, huge Hollywood sign and luxury homes. California is home to millions of people and has many tourist attractions. Los Angeles is known for its scenic beaches along the Pacific Ocean, but it is not known for having poverty and homeless roaming around. The city that is home to the iconic “Hollywood” is filled with glamour; the glamourous nature of this city does very little to cover the dark side of poverty. Poverty is a great issue in California that people seem to overlook because of this it is a serious problem. Instead of fixing poverty, the Los Angeles Police Department tries to contain the homeless population to fifty blocks of poverty, a neighborhood known as Skid Row. Los Angeles, California, the place many people call home; this is the place many people live out on the streets. Poverty may be in every state, but there is no poverty like Skid Row.
Skid Row, a fifty block radius of poverty has an extremely interesting history. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row is filled with drug users, predominantly people of color and homeless. However, according to the “History of Skid Row” published by Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce back in the 1870’s, Skid Row was a place of work. Railroads were new in America by the 1860’s and helped stabilize families economically by providing a job. Many of the railroad workers migrated to downtown Los Angeles, California. As railroads became a great demand, a lot of the railroad workers left their home and began living in Los Angeles. By the 1880’s a lot of small hotels began to open as well as bars and whorehouses, because the area was predominantly single male workers it gave the males a place...

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...le searched for drugs and alcohol. Veterans who we admire for serving our country were the main people in the low income facilities. As time progressed, immigrants and non-white people began to be a part of Skid Row. The negative impacts of drugs continued, and have only increased. The state of California provided clinics and shelters for the vagrants, however the population exceeded what the state could provide. As the Los Angeles Police Department tries to contain the vagrants in their fifty block of poverty, many of the stores along downtown have restricted the homeless as well. As time passed, the Los Angeles Police Department put citizens in a difficult situation: freedom or safety. Knowing that safety and freedom are both needed for a citizen to survive, it makes it difficult to choose one. Without safety, there is no freedom; with freedom there is no safety.

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