Essay about Lorenzo De Medici : The World 's Greatest Impact On The Renaissance

Essay about Lorenzo De Medici : The World 's Greatest Impact On The Renaissance

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Lorenzo de’ Medici

The world’s greatest impact on the renaissance was a single man named Lorenzo de’ Medici.It was mainly because of him that the renaisance ended up being the way it turned out to be. Lorenzo allowed up and coming artists to become big and successful because of him, this was all because he was able to fund them and allow them to get paid even if they weren’t that big encouraging others to do the same. Lorenzo didn’t make his fortune by himself, in fact his fortune came from inheritance from his extremely well known family tree. Which all had their own effect on the outcome of the renaissance. Lorenzo was the one who made the biggest stride to make changes during the renaissance.

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The Medici family, which basically owned Florence throughout the Renaissance, played a large part in the development of arts and politics in the city. In 1397 Giovanni de Medici
established headquarters in Florence. As a rich and very influential citizen, Giovanni had no choice but to participate in politics in Florence, participating in almost every single political office in Florence at the same time.When Giovanni died in 1429, he left behind the legacy of supporting the arts, an immense fortune, and his son Cosimo de Medici, who majored in the principles of humanism. Cosimo de Medici began to take over the family’s banks business at the age of forty.Being a successful businessman, Cosimo built up his fortune and established business all over Europe.But after Cosimo died his some only ruled as heir to this wealth for five years which was then passed down to Lorenzo, he who was one of the greatest impacts on the renaissance.
In Jan. 1, 1449 one the world 's most powerful man throughout history was born in florence, Lore...

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...e started writing poems about how much weaker he has become physically and how fragile he is.
Many people didn’t know that Lorenzo de’ Medici was the greatest reason why the renaissance flourished so much in Italy. If it wasn’t for Lorenzo many artists that are known worldwide today wouldn’t be nearly as known as they are. People who Lorenzo support included artists such as Piero and Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Andrea del Verrocchio, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Sandro Botticelli who were all major characters of the Renaissance in Florence.If it wasn’t for Lorenzo many of these artists would have never made it to the big shows and being known. If it wasn 't for Lorenzo de’ Medici many question whether would have even occurred because without him the world would have been oblivious to all of the importance the artists would have.

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