Lorenzo De ' Medici, A Famous Statesman And Patron Of The Arts Essay

Lorenzo De ' Medici, A Famous Statesman And Patron Of The Arts Essay

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Lorenzo de’ Medici, a renowned statesman and patron of the arts, wasn’t acknowledged as “The Magnificent” for nothing. After his father, Piero di Cosimo de ' Medici, died in 1469, Lorenzo took the reigns as head of the Medici household and business, and thusly led Florence to its prime as one of the most powerful city-states in all of Italy. Lorenzo had the abilities capable of pulling off such a feat. In fact, it is said that, “Lorenzo was playing a part. Not a real Prince, he must act the prince. There were so many adults to impress.”(pg 184 of medici money) Through the use of tact and an unquenchable wit, Lorenzo would become an influential instigator of prosperity in Florence, thusly making it “magnificent” in its own right.
Throughout his life, Lorenzo was devoted to all forms of art, commissioning different artists to create various paintings, sculptures, and frescoes. In one instance he commissioned Domenico Ghirlandaio to paint a fresco in Saint Trinita, which portrays the life of St. Francis of Assisi, where Lorenzo is even depicted. This would later be considered one of Ghirlandaio’s greatest works. (pg.164 of the golden age of the medici). The Tornabuoni Chapel inside of the Sanata Maria Novella was also commissioned by Lorenzo for Domenico to create. (pg. 165 of the golden age of the medici)
Lorenzo was also presumably a great judge of character and skill, and that was apparent when he met Michelangelo, who had been working under the tutelage of Bertoldo di Giovanni, who was once himself a pupil of Donatello. Once Lorenzo saw the work that Michelangelo was capable of, he quickly took him to his household, and practically made him a member of the family. He supplied him with food, money, and clothing until he had rea...

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...9-100 of April Blood) They had to comply with his wishes, and they finally accepted Francesco in 1475. (pg 105 of April Blood)
Originally, the plan was not to kill the Medici brothers during Mass. Instead, the Pazzi had arranged to have them killed during a banquet in Fiesole, which they asked Lorenzo to host. But since Guiliano had a stomachache, the entire plan was disrupted. The next plan they made was to kill them both inside their palace on that Sunday. (pg. 108 of the Montefeltro Conspiracy) During mass on that day, once they were in the cathedral, they took the opportune moment to attack instead of waiting to kill them later. Giuliano was stabbed multiple times by Francesco de’ Pazzi, while Lorenzo only received a stab wound to the neck, and ably defended himself, and eventually ran inside the Old Sacristy to escape. (pg. 111 of the Montefeltro Conspiracy)

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