The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy And The Hobbit Trilogy Essay

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy And The Hobbit Trilogy Essay

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There are many artists in the world of cinematography, one, Peter Jackson, stands out the most. He brought the world of Middle Earth to life in his films through two series, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. They are his greatest works. Both were done masterfully, inspired by the famous author J. R. R. Tolkien’s books. The Most recent one, The Hobbit, told the backstory of Bilbo Baggins and the discovery of the ring of power. Yet, The Hobbit, while masterfully done, simply cannot top the incredible way Jackson directed and created The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Jackson’s cast for The Hobbit was interesting. With actors such as Martin Freeman, Ian Mckellen, Richard Armitage, and Benedict Cumberbatch it would be difficult not to be guaranteed a magnificent performance. It promised to be all-start cast. Those like Freeman, Mckellen, Armitage, and Cumberbatch delivered their characters perfectly. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was the strength of Bard, a fierce man who did his best to protect and lead his people. However the characters of Beorn, Galadriel, and even Legolas were shockingly below standards. Beorn was depicted as an animal. Galadriel’s scene where she fights against the nine kings left an intense creepy impression. As for Legolas, [who wasn’t even in the book to begin with] Jackson showed a strange backstory that hints at tragic-lover triangle. In the end it was a toss-up of well and poorly done casting.
The cast in Lord of the Rings was quite different from The Hobbit. While Ian Mckellen, Cate Blanchett, and Orlando Bloom stared in the film, a bulk of the actors were less known. Despite the lack of popularity the cast proved that one doesn’t need to be world renown to deliver a spellbinding pe...

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...ckson took a risk and unveiled a strange world that had never been seen before. A world of magic, dark lords, elves, and hobbits all fighting over a ring. Ten years later he, again, attempted to unveil that world; take expecting audiences back into the heart of middle earth. While his final attempt was well done, it didn’t possess the original magic Lord of the Rings did. As with all films adapted from books, fans should beware that a director will take artistic liberties. Jackson is no different, unfortunately the liberties he took with his last series created several plot holes and damaged colorful characters. Sequels are always hard, directors have already set a standard with the first film. While The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings share much in common, they have several distinct differences. Those differences, in the end, leave Lord of the Rings as the masterpiece.

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