Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding is an allegory in novel format about a group of young boys stranded on an island without adults. The story is a microcosm in which Golding reveals his opinions about humanity and the society that has been created. Golding, using an abundance of symbols and themes to show his beliefs on politics, religion and society as a whole. Throughout the story Golding shows that people look at the outer appearance of situations instead of really looking into what is happening. This leads them to making poor decision for society, especially when it comes to leadership. The leaders that are chosen can have a truly damaging effect on the mortality of people and they can even be followed religiously. This is detrimental to a society because, as Golding suggests, people look to religion to tell them what is moral and immoral. When this line gets blurred it allows people to participate in activities they normally would not, like murder. People will continue these acts as long as the leader offers them what they want. As soon as the leader cannot, which will happen, a responsible government can re-enter the society. Through these themes and symbols Golding shows that people need civilization to avoid returning to their instinctive, animalistic behaviours of reacting instead of acting. A good government is the main structure that keeps people from acting immorally because it provides law and order. A democracy is the best type of government because it gives people the opportunity to make their own decisions. Although it is a good idea to allow some freedoms, it can lead to poor decision making because of people’s tendency to judge based on outward appearances. This is shown in the novel when Ralph is vot... ... middle of paper ... ...told to do good or primal instinct will take over and they will do terrible things to obtain and maintain what they want to have. People need a constant push to act morally or they will become savages who see all of their actions as amoral. A democracy must be in place to allows people to make decisions as well as to keep order. The leaders must be able to give the people what they want and to offer them adequate protection. A long side democracy there must be religion to allow people to see a sense of right and wrong. Although these exist, in Lord of the Flies Golding shows how any weakness will allow evil to take full control and create havoc among society. When people understand what the true evil is they will overcome it. Golding makes important points about how humanity works and how we must, as a society, control the evil within each and everyone person.

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