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Lord, Do it Again
In recent years a great cry has begun to rise up from the congregations and clergy of many churches in The United States and even around the world. The prayerful cry is that God would again visit us, his people, with a revival of such power that it should be called another "Great Awakening". Many pray for such a revival without knowledge of what they are asking God for. Many are thinking of large crowds and miracles, such as what was seen in The Healing Revivals of the 1950 's. Some remember "The Jesus Movement" of the 1970 's and wish for the "good old days". All of these movements were wonderful and are certainly desirable, but those great moves of God pale in comparison to the "Great Awakening" that began in Colonial America in the 1730 's--the rending of the wretched and sinful heart.
The "Great Awakening" of the eighteenth century began as technology and science created an atmosphere of thought that began to undermine the "faith" of the people. People began to look to reason and science rather than to look to God for answers. As the population began to spread westward, ministers took note of the degradation of Christian values within the general population. This "falling away" was so grievous to the clergy that preachers began to hold revival meetings. Ministers such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield began to preach fiery and passionate messages that warned of sin and hell. They preached with such fervor that thousands flocked to hear them speak. Edwards preached "hellfire and brimstone" styled messages. His style was eloquent and powerful and many who heard him speak, were drawn to repentance. George Whitefield, who was an itinerant preacher from England, preached of the joy of salva...

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...outreach to the world. In the recent years however, those nations to whom America once reached, have begun to send missionaries back. Clearly, change is again on the horizon. Jesus said, "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest" (King James Version John 4:35). "Let everyone that is yet out of Christ, and hanging over the pit of hell, whether they be old men and women, or middle aged, or young people, or little children, now hearken to the loud calls of God 's word and providence" (Edwards). Oh Christian, can you not hear the heart of God crying out for us to rise up in righteousness again? Is there a revival fire stirring in your heart? The cry again has begun to rise from the hearts of the faithful remnant, "God visit us again!" Let revival come again to this marvelous country-- The United States of America.

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