Looking Into Her Beautiful Green Eyes Essay

Looking Into Her Beautiful Green Eyes Essay

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Looking into her beautiful green eyes you can get lost. She has a smile that draws her toward you. When she speaks you can tell she has a heart that is kind and filled with warmth. Just everything about her is amazing and I’m lucky to have her in my life as my mother.
Most people I meet say I’m exactly like my mother. We both have round, oval shaped faces, with almond shaped eyes. I like when they compare us because I think she is a beautiful woman. Her beauty shines on the outside as well as the inside.
I watch her walk in from work. I can tell she is exhausted from working back to back shifts with only a four hour break in between. That’s my mother always working hard and not complaining. As she sits next to me on the sofa she smiles at me and leans over and hugs me. It’s been a while since we hung out since I started college.
I think to myself this is the perfect opportunity for me to start asking questions. I give her my “I want your attention smile”. She looks at me and say “Yes, Diamond.” I grin and I asked her can I interview her. The look on her face told me I can tell she is happy I asked.
Straight to the point I asked how it was having a child at a young age without being married. She looked at me with her eyes smiling and said “Not easy like everything in life, but a blessing.”
“A single parent 's responsibilities certainly do not stop the moment work ends each day. You may have what seems like a full day 's worth of tasks awaiting you at home—from cooking dinner to doing laundry to helping your child with homework. Although these same obligations are faced by working mothers who are married, a single parent has to face these responsibilities alone, with¬out the helping hand of a husband.” (The Challenges of Single ...

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...ve you forever.” And I lay on her lap and she starts to stroke my hair as we continue to watch the television.
I don’t think anyone is perfect but my mom is as close as you can get to it. Her life has inspired me to do great in my own. Because of her I try my hardest to succeed and when I feel like giving up I don’t. She didn’t teach me to admit defeat when times get tough she taught me to overcome them the best way I can. When I get sad and think of how life is not fair I remember her. She is like my shining star in the sky that guides me through life. Without her goodness shining down on me, I don’t know who I would be. Even though she named me Diamond. I think she is the real diamond. She is a unique person that you rarely see these days and everyone who knows her feel that way about her. And I can’t express how bless I am to have her as my beautiful shining star.

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