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Looking For Work By Gary Soto Essay

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Do you have any friend or relatives that are considered to be broken or disorganized family? Do you know that many disorganized family are likely to ties with their extended family? If you know any broken or disorganized families, you may realized that a broken family usually faced many difficulties, such as financial problem, missing family members, and they tend to be unhappy comparing to others. Moreover, missing a father figure in the house for a child could cause numbers of problems. In the novel “Looking for Work” the main character and also the author who named Gary Soto, a nine year old Mexican American boy, he was from a disorganized and broken family. That Gary desire to live out a life style just like the standard white American families. Another novel called “The Color of Family Ties”, the authors are Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian, they found out that disorganized ratio for Latino and Black families are higher than White families. In connection this brings us back to Gary Soto’s situation and issue. Gary Soto’s family seems disorganized because there is no father figure, and their family showed solidarity in the way that they spend time together.
Throughout the story there are no mentions about Gary’s father. At that time Gary is a nine year old Mexican American boy, and he was raised by his single mom, of course his family was consider to be a low income family. However, because of the fact that Gary love’s to watch television shows, he also wants to live out like what’s on the television show. In the novel he says:” When I spent the mornings in the front of the television that showed the comfortable lives of white kids. There were no beatings, no rifts in the family. They wore bright clothes; toys tumbled fro...

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...to be disorganized and broken family. Even though that Gary had plenty of supports and love from friends and extended families, but he still lacks of a father figure in the house. A father who could care for him, watch over him, teach him, and provide the financial support for Gary and his family; They could like out very happy. Moreover, if Gary really have a father around, the white family life style on the television show could become truth and the imagination from Gary Soto could become reality. However, there are no perfect family, each family has their own issues or problems. Also, television show are not really, Gary shouldn’t trust what’s on the television, that there are too much imagination, and some are not reality. People who is friend with broken or disorganized family should often give support or care to them. A little action could meant a lot for them.

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