Essay about Looking Back, I Discover My Future

Essay about Looking Back, I Discover My Future

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Thesis Statement:
Even though you do not have to review or reflect on your past to be successful or design a productive future, it is imperative to look back over your life to discover and design your future.

I. What were my educational experiences?
Youngest in my classes
Denied Accelerated classes
Graduated high school early
II. Things I remember from my childhood
Learning to read with the bible.
Religious Structure
Publishing my first book.

III. What were you like as a teenager?
Shy and Non-social
IV. What did you want to become when you grew up?
A Psychiatrist
A Model
A famous Author

V. What are your greatest achievements so far?
Obtaining my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Certification
Designing, developing and implementing a community computer lab.
Completing my third book.
Raising 4 children to be strong minded, creative and dream chasers.

VI. My personal, professional, and academic goals
Release my fear of success and experience the joy of being successful.
Open a practice in the Life Coaching and Counseling focused around Rape victims.
Earning my PHD in Christian Counseling and my Masters in Behavioral Science.

Even though I do not have to review or reflect on my past to be successful or design a productive future, it is imperative to look back over my life to discover and design my future. I have found that it is in the looking back that I can see a straightway forward. In this writing I will show an overview of my life’s journey thus far and how it relates to the adult development theories mentioned in our course reading. I will hope to design a productive future through goal planning and possibly...

... middle of paper ...

... a child, helps me see my now and future in a different light. This helps me see that is genetic and what I have control over in order that I change for the better. Discovering my abilities and weaknesses through the assessment and setting goals in alignment with my desire for success will boost my changes for completion of my degree. This in turn will be another example to put in front of my children of persistence paying off.

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