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Looking at Henry Ford Essay

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Synthesis Essay – Henry Ford
Henry Ford
When we think of the successes in the automotive industry Henry Ford comes to mind. Almost every automotive industry book highlights the positive impact Henry Ford had on automotive manufacturing and all label him as a visionary and ethical leader. Anyone striving to become a more influential leader need not look any further than Henry Ford for inspiration. His story highlights his strong self-beliefs, hardworking mentality and a visionary approach of what the automotive industry could be and he believed that vision was achieved through ethical leadership decision-making. While being a leader alone is a tough task in it’s own right, Henry Ford understood where his industry was at the current time, saw where he wanted it to be in the future and created specific, achievable goals and articulated it with great inspiration. In doing so, his vision became a reality.
Visionary Leader
Henry Ford was a visionary leader as evidenced by his trail blazing efforts to revolutionize the way automobiles were assembled and unwavering dedication to the men and woman that assembled them. Ford’s understanding of the “path-goal theory” of leadership facilitated his ability to correctly assess the current situation and the needs of the workers, leading him to use supportive behaviors to transform the organization (“Full Range,” 2012a, p. 7). He recognized automotive production was a slow and full of waste, with long hours that drove employee morale way down. His supportive behavior to the process and his employees is what brought about Henry Fords vision and implementation of the automobile assembly line. “His vision was implemented first at his Highland Park plant on December 1, 1913, transforming...

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... you are making is the right one. After all, being a visionary, ethical leader is not always the popular thing to be…but it is the right thing to be.

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