Look Who 's Back, By Timur Vermes Essay

Look Who 's Back, By Timur Vermes Essay

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The new mockumentary about Adolf Hitler, titled Look Who’s Back, reveals the shocking truth about the world we live in. The audience laughs hilariously, then remains silent during the real life scenes filmed just recently.

His name is Adolf Hitler. He is back in Berlin to occupy the world again, what else? This time with millions of readers, and big screen fans. Enough for the beginning. It usually starts with fans and followers.
A couple of years ago, the German writer, Timur Vermes, hit the world with his novel, Look Who’s Back (MacLehose Press, 2014; first published by Eichborn Verlag, 2012), the political satire about Adolf Hitler, with more sold copies than Paulo Coelho or Dan Brown. The movie with the same title has been just released in German theaters.
The story starts in Berlin. It is summer 2011. Adolf Hitler wakes up, alive and well. But, everything has changed. Where is Eva Brown? Where are the Russians? What happened to his powerful Nazi party? There is no war? His own, ethnically deep cleansed (he personally worked so hard on that), German country is filled with Turkish immigrants and run by a woman. Scandalous! This intolerable lack of social order and leadership calls for an immediate action. His “Fatherland” needs him.
But, his actions are interpreted as hilariously funny, convincing, and original. People believe he is just an actor, extremely good actor, and the offers start pouring in. He gets his own TV show, he becomes a TV celebrity, and YouTube star. In short, this new Adolf Hitler gains huge popularity. Of course, the “Fuhrer” has some secret ambition. This poor “Fatherland” of his needs to be back on its track, instantaneously. The problem here is, people usually listen to TV personalities.
Exactly, peopl...

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... all looked like ordinary hard-working people ready to get drunk, nothing else. They were not Germans.
I prefer not to believe, but it makes me think how easy it would be for some new Hitler to take over the power. Unfortunately, there always are enough “Hitlers” ready to jump off the psychiatric couches and take their paranoid ideas out into the world. They exist everywhere, even in the smallest communities.
The movie Look Who’s Back gives an answer to the author’s original question. Yes, nationalism of many colors is spreading rapidly over the world. The old continent slammed by all kinds of crisis and threats, refugee crisis, financial crisis, terrorism, separationalism, makes a fertile soil for potential dictators with fake solutions.
“There is a smoldering anger among the people, like in the 1930s,” concludes the satisfied Hitler-character while ending the movie.

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