Look into the Skyy: Skyy Vodka's Advertising Campain Essay

Look into the Skyy: Skyy Vodka's Advertising Campain Essay

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Alcohol has been around for thousands of years. Whether it is used for religious purposes, medical reasons, or strictly pleasure, alcohol has played a major role in almost all human civilizations since around 4000 BC. In today’s day and age it seems that alcoholic beverages are commonly seen in just about every social aspect of life. Being such a predominate part of society alcohol is often advertised by the media, appealing to wide variety of consumers. Advertising campaigns flood the minds of the public in order to attract a certain target market. Skyy Vodka’s advertising campaign sends a message to their customers that by consuming their product, one will feel youthful, sexy, wealthy, powerful and desirable.
At first glance one might see a tall, slim, beautiful young brunette woman with divine assets both atop and bottom. This young woman is dressed in an elegant yet lustful black backless dress with an extending split going up her thighs and a low cut top revealing her breasts. She stands tall in a pair of fancy high-heeled shoes covered in shinny gems. Her impenetrable hair sparkles and her caramel like skin illuminates in the low-lit room. The makeup that covers her face consists of black eye shadow, flesh stained lipstick and blood red nail polish on her fingernails. In her left hand lies a martini shaker of which she holds over the filled martini glass of a gentleman perched in a unique shaped chair. The woman’s right leg gently rubs against the gentleman’s kneecap. Her piecing eyes glare in a look of desire directly at this mysterious man. This man seems to be dressed in a lavish suit with tuxedo dress shoes. In the bottom left corner of the portrait lies a baby blue bottle of Skyy Vodka on top of an egg white tabletop ...

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...r customers to feel a sense of accomplishment when drinking their vodka, even if this feeling is brief while they are under the influence of the alcohol. All of these ideologies together represent the perception of a successful lifestyle, something that is acquired when the client consumes Skyy Vodka.
The Skyy Vodka advertisement holds very powerful messages intended for a certain target market that includes both men and women. Skyy Vodka creates an illusion through their advertisement by using the desire to feel sexy, a trend that is common among young adults today. They use this illusion obtain the association of drinking Skyy Vodka with the ultimate aspiration to feel confident, and look the sexiest in order for young adults to attract the opposite sex. Skyy also targets the upper class via the luxury penthouse and expensive furniture used in the advertisement.

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