The Longing Of Love Is Real Essay

The Longing Of Love Is Real Essay

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The longing for love is real and truly is as much a part of one’s make-up as breathing, for numerous people to be in love surpasses all things; and if they are not in a serious relationship, will spend a considerable amount of time looking for ‘the one.‘ They seem to be always searching, questing for the prize; the prize of finding the one, of going or being ‘home,’ wrapped in a security blanket of emotional harmony. We talk about it, sing about it, and truthfully, most everything revolves around desire; particularly the desire of love. Oddly, the reality of why and how this state of desire comes about still mystifies the majority. I believe the longing to love is a ‘desire’ toward the LORD; which inspires us to come back to Him/her, to connect with God’s ‘glory’ within. Another pertinent scripture in the Bible that teaches us about this original position, tells how God bestowed His spiritual beauty in humans, but becomes a mockery and abomination because of people’s lust. It states,

This could creditably be saying that God gave people the ‘gift of communion’ with Him/her; a part ...

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