Essay on Longevity and Life Expectancy

Essay on Longevity and Life Expectancy

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Numerous studies have been conducted on various facets of the longevity and life expectancy [estimated age of mortality] of humans. These studies include: focusing on ways the lifestyle humans abide by can alter the estimated age of mortality of a person and how said lifestyle can affect one’s quantity and quality of life, how humans can live longer [i.e. longevity], and predicting just how long someone who has succumbed to illness has left to live. Per contra, given various diseases, viruses, and dangers we as humans are exposed daily, an irrefutable day-of-death of every individual in the world is implausible to determine; until death finally succumbs.
Foster (2010) defined the estimated age of mortality accordingly: the probability of survival for one year, plus the probability of survival for 2 years, plus a string of similar terms all the way to the oldest possible age, plus 0.5 to account for the fact that the estimated age of death will be half-way between two birthdays. (p. 112)
Elaborately, the estimated age of mortality is the period in which a person may expect to be alive at a given age (Arias, 2014). To understand the estimated age of mortality of various population [racial] groups, lifestyles factors should be studied in collaboration with each group.
In 2009, Arias (2014) determined that the estimated age of mortality for Caucasian males was 76.4 years. According to Hooyman and Kiyak (2011), the estimated mortality age of Caucasian males falls into the old-old category. The estimated age of mortality of Caucasian males is seemingly higher than the estimated age of mortality of African-American males by roughly 5.3 years (Arias, 2014). The difference in age mortality between Caucasian and African-American males par...

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