Long-Term Structural Change Essay

Long-Term Structural Change Essay

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A lot of organizations initiate change programs and action plans that vanish after a while but have had, it’s hoped, some impact on performance, even though one cannot be sure. The first challenge when initiating change is to make sure that every employee understands that this business system is not an action plan; it’s a faith that is about what should characterize a really good company, and there are no option to this faith. It is important to put a lot of effort into making everybody understand this (Ahlberg & Nauclér, 2007).
Long-term structural change has four characteristics: scale which is the change that affects all or most of the organization, magnitude which entails significant alterations of the status quo, duration or the length of time it lasts, and strategic importance. Yet companies will garner the rewards only when change takes place at the level of the individual worker. There is no single methodology fits every company, but there is a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be tailored to a variety of situations. Using a systematic, comprehensive framework, allows executives to understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage the entire organization in the process (Jones, Aguirre & Calderone, 2004).
An official approach for managing change that starts with the leadership team and then engages key stakeholders and leaders should be developed near the beginning, and modified frequently as change moves through the organization. Since change is intrinsically unsettling for people at all levels, when it is on the horizon, all eyes will turn to the CEO and the leadership team for strength, support, and direction. The leaders themselves must accept the new approach...

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... of the outlook they seek to create, and the principles and guiding practise by which they hope to get there. The fourth discipline is team learning. Through methods like dialogue and skilful discussion, teams alter their collective thinking, learning to mobilize their energies and ability beyond the sum of individual members’ talents. The fifth discipline is systems thinking. In this discipline, people learn to better understand interdependency and change, and thus to deal more effectively with the forces that shape the consequences of actions (Green, 2007). This means that change must be driven by developing competence within the organization, by managers and workers in each unit creating and taking ownership of their change programs because they are motivated by pride in improving their professionalism and achieving better results (Ahlberg & Nauclér, 2007).

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