The Long Term Health Effects Of Marketing Sugar And Processed Food Essay

The Long Term Health Effects Of Marketing Sugar And Processed Food Essay

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The long term health effects of marketing sugar and processed food to children cannot be denied. Before I can get into the health effects, I have to look into these highly processed foods that are marketed to young people.
According to HBO’s article “Marketing food to Children “.The food industry spends well over 1.6 billion dollars per year marketing to children. The vast majority of these foods are high in calories, fat, sugar, sodium, and preservatives. Many of the preservatives are used as fillers, to stretch the companies’ profits, and have unknown long term consequences. The foods that are most heavily targeted to children are fast foods, carbonated beverages, sugar loaded breakfast cereals, salty snacks and baked goods. These tend to be high in calories and nutritionally poor.
Children are very important to marketers. They influence their parents and friends’ decisions. Every day children 2 to 17 years of age watch between 12-21 food commercials and that’s just on television (Haupt). They are also being bombarded by ads on the internet, video games, and on their smart phones. They’ve also introduced fast food into the schools. Many elementary and middle schools have Pizza Huts, Taco Bells, and various other restaurants in the schools. The fruits and vegetables and other healthy options are the same price or more expensive then the fast food. I have a five year old, there is no way a child is going to pick apples, vegetables, and other healthy options, when Pizza Hut and their flashy advertising is the same price.
These mega corporations are trying to get your children hooked to their products for life. Companies are trying to introduce brand loyalty to your children at a very young age (Mercola). When you eat these high ...

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...ting of this paper, I discovered that the Prevention Institute 's "We 're Not Buying It" campaign is petitioning President Obama to put voluntary, science-based nutrition guidelines into place for companies that market foods to kids (Mercola). You can sign this petition now at I did. Why stop there? Stop supporting companies that market junk food to children. You vote every time you open your wallet. The food industry will change if your spending habits do. After all, they are only interested in money! Educate yourself about nutrition. Read the content labels on the side of your food. Take accountability for what you put in you and your child’s body. Get into an exercise routine. Go over to a friend’s house rather than messaging them on Facebook. If you don’t know what’s in the food don’t eat it. If it doesn’t make sense, then change it!

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