Long Term Effects On Women Essay

Long Term Effects On Women Essay

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Long-Term Effects on Women Who Were Sexually Abused as Children
I will attempt to explore some of the long-term effects of women who were sexually abused as children and their need for power and control. In some cases, these effects can impact women for the rest of their lives, and greatly affect relationships, regardless of their nature.
Woman who have been victimized by childhood sexual abuse may experience a plethora of long-term mental and physical problems including depression, anxiety, low self esteem, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, re-victimization, sexual difficulties, substance abuse, and difficulties communicating with spouses or partners. Shame and guilt can also be a factor resulting from this type of abuse. Also social support is lacking and the feeling of shame and guilt can greatly effect mental health in relationships with friends, co-workers and family members who might not be sought out for support. (Beitchman, et al., 1992; Lafrance, et al., 2009; Smith, et al., 2008; Rahm, et al., 2013; Lundqvist, et al., 2006; Senn, et al., 2010; Miner, et al., 2006; Kreidler, 2005; Koehn, 2007; Webster, 2001; Liem, et al., 1992; Saywitz, et al., 2000).
Those who are insecure in their relationships (romantic or otherwise) may have difficulty trusting others, or allowing them to get too close, which can lead to multiple sexual relationships regardless of their longevity. Childhood sexual abuse can also lead to sexual risk taking behavior. A child’s sexual behavior can be adversely shaped through reward or attention. This behavior can lead to multiple sexual partners and unsafe sex in adulthood with the goal of gaining affection, or other rewards in exchange for sexual acts. Feeling betrayed by the abuser, ...

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...terviews over a one-week period.
Research Design
This will be a two independent group study design with each participant completing a series of surveys and questioners as well as participating in a series of interviews pre and post study.
Participants will undergo a series of self-reported surveys, questions and interviews that will include both physical and psychological assessments over the course of two-week period. Stress related questions that will be presented will include a history of sexual abuse, past and current sexual activity/relationships and risk taking therein, an interpersonal relationship assessment, sexual difficulties, substance abuse and a history of adult romantic relationships.
Since this is a two independent group study standard t-tests will be used for inferential statistic analysis. My results are expected to prove my hypothesis.

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