Essay on The Long Term Effects of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Essay on The Long Term Effects of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Long Term Effects of War
Even though , many people have been effected by the Iraq and Afghanistan war because the number of displaced Iraqis internally and externally are estimated to be between 3.5 million and 5 million people (Iraq: The Human Cost , 2014). According to the Iraq Body Count website, there have been 186 thousand deaths due to violence in the war.
Deliberate killings, human bombs, dozens of vicious groups, and a growing sense of insecurity trouble Iraq (Tirman). Cluster bombs and landmines’ have caused many deaths to innocent civilians. People forced from their homes in fear of their lives and their family’s lives. When some refugees tried to go home, they were killed.

Human Bombers
We have all heard of the bombings of women and children. We ask why anyone would do such a horrible thing to a woman and her child. It is usually due to the belief that they are defending their family and the village from assaults (Tirman). I was under the impression that these human bombers were made to carry out these attacks on soldiers. However, Nicole Argo said that these people actually volunteer this, and with researching this, she found that these people actually are invested in their community. I have associated the war in Iraq and Afghanistan a war on terrorism, but the Muslims have seen it as religious war called jihad. These human bombs have been used since the 1970’s (Argo, 2006).
Cluster Bombs and Landmines
Cluster bombs are a bomb that has a bunch of missiles that on impact to wound or damage people and vehicles. They mean to hit many different areas at one time. Land mines are explosives that are on the ground or hidden so that soldiers cannot find them. They hide from view so that when someone steps on them ...

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...more destruction. In Uprooted and Unstable ; One man’s wife said
“They didn’t reconstruct the country, they added more destruction. Before there was security and life was going on easily, while now there is nothing. The days during Saddam were better… Now things are getting worse and worse, killing in the streets ad there is no life. Strangers come to our homes and threaten us. I feel lfe is miserable now and our country is destroyed.”
There are a few NGO’s that are trying to help out and some at a local level; they are providing, schooling, foster care, medical care, public distribution system supplementation, shelter and oher assistance to the displaced (Argo, 2006).
Health Problems
Contamination from the depleted uranium weaponries and other pollution caused by war is alleged for the rise in congenital birth defects, cancer, and other illnesses (Jamail, 2013).

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