Essay on The Long Term Effects Of Gmos

Essay on The Long Term Effects Of Gmos

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The luxury of being able to feed the world is overwhelming, more so that it blinds one 's judgment. The long term effect of GMOs are unpredictable; they impose serious threats to health and people should have the right to determine whether they want to consume them or not. Putting one’s health into the hands of production companies does little to assure safety. The public is not aware of the dangers they are exposed to or the fact that they are potentially putting their life at risk.
GMOs have been around since the early ‘80s, between then and today no one is certain of the long term consequences that follow the consumption of genetically modified food. Take a moment to think about local grocery stores, it is more than likely that it makes up part of the 70 percent of companies unaware of mutated foods in its store(Edwards). The issue at hand is the fact that people are oblivious, careless, and uninformed. The dangers following this issue are being ignored by everyone, including the government nonetheless(“10 reasons”). Learning and understanding the controversy of this topic can go a long way in determining the future for posterity.
GMOs are basically the desired traits wanted inserted into plant cells, traits that otherwise would have never been naturally possible.The DNA is taken out out of a completely different species and injected into a plant to engorge it, above the average norm. What sets them apart from organic and non-GMO foods are the types of chemicals used on the plants. Spraying produce with pesticides and herbicides creates weeds that are strong and hard to get rid of also known as superweeds(Edwards). If the crops survives the herbicide, it was drenched with, it becomes immune and created its own pesticide(Smit...

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...ortunity for chemicals that have been inflicted into the crop to transfer directly into your body. A number of problems have arisen from as low as a boost in allergies, increase in illness, to higher counts of disorders including increased breast cancer rates. As if that wasn 't enough sickness such as autism, parkinson 's and alzheimer 's have dramatically changed due to GMOs.
Everything comes at a cost. Though the problems that follow GMOs are uncertain they are out there. Putting one’s health should be at the top of people’s priorities and should not be taken lightly. Being aware of what 's out there and having the freedom to decide for one’s self is a beautiful thing, something that everyone is entitled to. Taking a moment to read food labels to inform one’s self of an animal 's background, making sure their diet is clean, could save your life and one’s children.

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