The Long Term Consequences Of The School Laws Passed By Massachusetts Essay

The Long Term Consequences Of The School Laws Passed By Massachusetts Essay

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D. Colonial schools are much different than the schools we have now, as they were small, only served purpose for those who lived within a specific community and the educators were mostly the parents of the students. According to the text “Philosophical Documents in Education” by Tony W. Johnson and Ronald F. Reed (2012), the long-term consequences of the school laws passed by Massachusetts required parents to provide education to their off spring and the 1647 school law ordered that every town of 50 or more household were required to offer teaching in reading and writing” (p.75). It allowed everyone the opportunity to gain some type of education even if it was very minimal. Therefore, I think that Jefferson’s ideas about democracy and the purpose of schooling helped improve schools. Jefferson’s believed that freedom was only achievable through education and even those who were poor and less fortunate deserved to be educated even if it was limited to three free years of schooling. Another scholar who influences education greatly was Adler who critiqued what it meant to be educated. Furthermore, it is true that every person has a different idea of what it means to be educated but for Adler an educated person was a person who gain knowledge not only from an educational institutions but from real personal experiences, an educated person was someone who sought to learn from the environment, experiences and from curiosity more so than for the sake of earning a degree. Therefore his ideas influenced educators to teach in ways that were meaningful and that gave students opportunity to learn using different areas of their lives as well as giving students the opportunity to learn more than just basic skills. As just mention educ...

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...tion revolved around the idea that children should learn by doing. Most of the ideas related to progressive education revolved around the children, it supported curriculums that support the interest of the child versus rigid control of the teacher. As for the LUTE themes that were specifically addressed in this ECE 300 class, I would say they are Affirm diversity as the Professor and the students come from different backgrounds races, socio-economic classes and origins, and although most of the students are females, we do have 1 male and our ages range. Another Lute theme I would say we learned in this ECE 300 class is Empower our communities of educators and leaners because we had many in-depth conversations, we reflected on the readings, and we were given the opportunity to put into action in our field observation what we were reading and learning in class.

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