Long Term Acute Care Hospital Essay

Long Term Acute Care Hospital Essay

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Area I have selected for the field is Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) specializing in pediatrics. Long-Term Acute Care Hospital, specializes in treatment for special needs such as patients with concurrent acute illnesses, recovering from acute illness due to multisystem failures, requires direct care by multiple specialists, ventilator services (weaning or decannulation), needing of daily physician visits or have complex respiratory-relevant diagnoses. Which in terms focuses on patients who have complex medical problems and the rehabilitation needs that one may require special or intensive treatment over an extended period of time. Patients who come to LTACH have been in an ICU or CCU at a hospital and now require specialized care (as stated above).
Lake Taylor Transitional Hospital is the field visit location I have chosen. At this hospital, they have a floor for pediatrics which is called the “Children’s Place”, it serves the ages from infant to sixteen years old. During my visit on September 19, I met so many wonderful staff, patients and family members who did not hesit...

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