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Area of the Long Point Fault
The Long Point Fault is located in Harris County, which covers 83,450 square miles located with in Houston, Teaxas City Limits. Research specifies that there are three sections of the Long Point fault that appear to be active; some sections of the Long Point fault have averaged more than 2 cm per year of vertical offset over the last 20 years. Evidence of the faults concludes it is a natural fault. The reason for activity is not caused by man, even though man’s activities are not helping the issues, but clearly humans are not the initial cause, biological activity can be in fact an adiitional cause for its movement. A brief description of the type of fault and its relationship with the strata and the faults beneath the Houston area, are at depths of 1,000 to 4,000 m. They have been well-defined through the study of well logs and seismic lines. Studies have resuted in assumuptions that some of these subsurface faults penetrate younger sediments at shallower depths, and contain faults that have of set the present land surface to produce recognizable scarps. (Gabrysh)
The Geological history of the Houston area includes surface water present in several types of lakes, rivers, and a wide-ranging system of bayous as well as, manmade canals that all share the rainwater runoff management system. In of Harris County 25%-30% of the land is within a 100 year flood plain. Elevation range of Harris 0'-310', so presently land surface and uppermost sediments in the Houston area are geologically very young strata and research isolates that its ages are measured in tens of thousands, not millions, of years. Distinctly this knowledge concludes it is faulted by a natural process, before significant fluid extraction ha...

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