Long Live Lady Lindy: The Fascination of an Airborne Legacy Essay examples

Long Live Lady Lindy: The Fascination of an Airborne Legacy Essay examples

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Long Live “Lady Lindy”: The Fascination of an Airborne Legacy
“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”-Amelia Earhart.
Earhart couldn’t be more right when she said this. From the days of her early childhood as a tomboy to her final disappearance as one of the world’s greatest female pilots, Amelia Earhart led many “adventure[s]” that inspired and intrigued the world. She began as a daring tomboy at a young age and went on to achieve many firsts as a pilot and as a woman in her time. After her tragic disappearance while attempting to fly around the world, what happened to Earhart instantly became the most puzzling mystery the world has ever encountered and still continues to fascinate today. She will be remembered as a mystery, but she should be remembered as one of the world’s most distinctive woman in history.
Even at the start of this captivating life, Amelia Earhart was unlike anyone else. In the early 1900s in her hometown of Atchison, Kansas, she was the talk of the town. “While the social standards of the time held that young girls should behave in a genteel and ladylike fashion, young Amelia was interested in adventure… [she] was willing to try even those games adults considered only for boys” (“Childhood Story of Amelia Earhart”). She was known as a cave explorer, a horse rider, a bug collector, and a football and baseball player at a young age (Stone 11-13). As a child, Earhart already knew she was different from the others and stood out from everyone else with her play clothes that “shocked all the little nice girls” (Stone 12). She earned the position of being a bouncy tomboy through the wild games and unladylike activities she involved herself in, including games she called “big game hunter” (Stone 11), “cowboys and in...

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