The Long Journey Of A Slave Trip Essay

The Long Journey Of A Slave Trip Essay

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Its 1683, on a hot summer day in Charleston, South Carolina, as the long journey of a slave trip is finally coming to an end. A boat packed with human cargo has arrived at Charleston Harbor. The next day, several potential buyers showed up for the slave auction, where Jubari Okafor, a freed slave, met Samuel Breckenridge, an owner of twelve tobacco plantations as they were both inspecting and evaluating a young girl named Claudia. Okafor and Breckenridge got to talking, and realized their very different views on slavery.
Breckenridge: What a fine looking young lady Claudia is, she would be very useful both on my plantation and in the house.
Okafor: She is just so young, I hate to see her whole life get sold away so easily. As a former slave, I know what her daily life on a plantation will consist of, and it will not be pleasant for a young child, especially as a girl.
Breckenridge: What makes you show up to this slave auction if you feel so strongly about the life of this young Claudia?
Okafor: Well, I strongly believe that slavery is wrong. Therefore, I plan to purchase Claudia and ...

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