Essay on Lonely Planet: Travels to Peru

Essay on Lonely Planet: Travels to Peru

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During my backpacking trip to Europe in 2008 my Lonely Planet: Europe on a Shoestring guidebook became a type of travel bible for me. Lonely Planet, which started in the 1970’s with a single guidebook, has since become a globally recognized and appreciated brand with a staff that has grown to over 500 members, including 300 authors. I chose this site since my final project will include an account my own preparations f Enterprise web identity or my upcoming trip to South America. In my research, I will be looking to find out how reliable the travel information on the web is and
Rhetorical Design
The primary audience for this site is people who have an interest in traveling and who are looking to research destinations. The site offers a wide range of information from destination recommendations, to travel dos and donts, to accommodation and tour reviews. While the main purpose of the site is to inform the reader, it also offers a variety of travel services including an online booking engine and products available for purchase. With this said, the site also appeals to individuals who simply like to learn about different cultures. Overall, Lonely Planet pledges to “uphold [its] commitment to independent travel, trustworthy advice and editorial independence.”

Interface Design
The site is very straightforward and easy to navigate with the main navigational links that always appear near the top of the page. Once the viewer has selected the desired article or feature, “the breadcrumb navigation” path illustrates exactly where the viewer is in relation to the overall site. Furthermore, the Who-What-When-Where elements are very present. Each feature articles, which are accessible from the Home page or from the Destinations s...

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...merical data, or illustrations. Since the main purpose of the site is to give the reader an overview of different places around the world pictures are the most effective way give the viewer a sense of the city or country.
Overall Impression
Overall, the site is aesthetically appealing as well as efficient. I particularly like the use of beautiful photography to catch the reader’s eye and draw them in to read the articles. I also liked how the structure of the site made it easy to navigate despite the large volume of content it possesses. The writers are extremely knowledge and the articles are well written and interesting. One of the only things I did not like was how busy the home page was. I believe it could benefit from either reducing the size of the ads of related products and links on the right hand or separating it from other text with distinct lines.

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