The Lonely Man of Faith: Adam and Eve Essay examples

The Lonely Man of Faith: Adam and Eve Essay examples

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Unless otherwise noted, this paper is based on Jewish Social Philosophy Class taught by Gabriel Fagin, MA, LCSW, Adjunct Professor at Wurzweiler School of Social Work.
Assignment One
I always believed that when Adam and Eve were created, they were created together, connected as if Siamese twins at their backs. As a student learning the Bible, I also came to the awareness that Eve was formed from Adam’s rib subsequent to his creation. The Bible tells of the creation of Man and Woman in Chapter One of Genesis, as well as Chapter Two of Genesis. There are numerous differences stated in the text between Adam and Eve created in Chapter One of Genesis and Adam and Eve formed in Chapter Two of Genesis. Below I will delineate the differences and explain how the dynamics are played out through future generations in the nature of humankind.
The Adam and Eve created in Genesis, Chapter One were “formed in the Image of G-d” and there is no actual mention of ‘parts of man’ created at that time. Furthermore, Adam and Eve’s main purpose and mission in life as stated in Chapter One only comprises statements of ‘active verbs’, such as “subdue, dominate, rule, multiply and replenish”. Adam and Eve appear to have been created at the same time and there were no restrictions placed on them.
In contrast, the Adam and Eve creation described in Chapter Two of Genesis appears quite different. Adam was created first, from the dust of the earth as well as G-d blowing into his nostrils. Furthermore, unlike Adam’s creation in Chapter One which included Man’s Purpose as active verbs, the Adam in Chapter Two’s mission in life includes only passive verbs, such as “keep, guard, protect”; these are verbs of submission. Moreover, as stated earlier, Adam was cre...

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...inger on it’, reading and discussing “The Lonely Man of Faith” has brought me to this awareness and therefore I feel relieved that it is not only me feeling this way. We communicate both on a functional level at times, as well as a romantic level. As a couple that practices many of the laws of Taharat HaMishpacha, I can understand how following them can help improve our relationships as well. As I noted earlier, it is my belief that when one can synthesize these characteristics, we become better people, and achieve the creativity and redemption we are looking for.
In conclusion, studying and reviewing “The Lonely Man of Faith” and beginning to understand a minute amount of the inborn characteristics of human nature has brought me to a new understanding regarding human nature, regarding my marriage, regarding myself. It has been a tremendous learning experience.

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