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The Lone Star Nation reflects the efforts put forth by single individuals that eventually changes the lone star state forever. Specific Texan heroes Stephen Austin who founded Texas, along with Sam Houston who led the Texas army and who was the governor. William Travis and his love for Rosanna was discovered while James Bowie, and David Crockett stood up and fought for the Alamo. One dictator whose procedures drove the colonists against him but impacted Texas to this day was Santa Anna. At this time of Texas making its way as a state, Andrew Jackson was president. Lone Star Nation shows how Texas rose as a territory in the 1820s to every main event and battle caused by or for Texas. Texas had its victory’s like the Alamo down to the battles with the Comanche tribe and others. H. W. Brands tells the story of every single type of person that helps with the creation of what Texas is today. Families, women, slaves, generals, opponents and many more.
The start of this whole period of time began as the territory of Texas came a float. This area of land rose above sea level calm and flat. “A handful of minor volcanoes spread lava across the landscape, but for the most part the emergence involved little more than a gentle titling of the sea floor, with the northwest rising slightly more than the southwest” (Brands 3). Texas was filled with small rivers unlike most states. Texas started with immigrants mostly from Tennessee.
One day, Moses Austin, a frontier industrialist, and his son Stephen began to explore this territory to exploit their land lust. Even though Moses Austin failed at everything his beginning life experienced, he always had new ambitions. Moses was wedded to a lady of Philadelphia names Mary Brown. They had two daughter...

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... was hard to keep track what was what story and so forth. This book was just very interesting seeing how brands I'm deal the main characters that struggles for Texas independence and how they specifically took a different role during this part of time.
Each individual did their part, experienced a different event, and reacted in different ways. This all lead to the start, the process and the end of what we call territory; the start of statehood, Texas. Lone star nation told all the glorious stories on the political republic of how Texas began its way into a Revolution and birth. Starting as just a part of Mexico, Texas gained its independence from Mexico, undergone a lot of victories and defeats, but managed to rise above and became the 28th state to join the United States of America.

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Brands, H. W. Lone Star Nation. New York: Anchor, 2004. Print.

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