Essay about Logotherapy versus Traditional Psychoanalysis

Essay about Logotherapy versus Traditional Psychoanalysis

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1. What does the term logotherapy mean? Break the word down and describe.
To begin to understand logotherapy, one must look at the origin of the word. The prefix, “logos” comes from the Ancient Greek term that is “meaning”. Of course, “therapy” is the treatment of disease or disorders through rehabilitation. As the term suggests, logotherapy focuses on finding the meaning of human existence, as well as man's search for meaning as a means to rehabilitate an individual. Logotherapy attempts to reveal meaning in one’s life because it is believed that this is the driving force in humans.

2. What is the difference between logotherapy and traditional psychoanalysis? Which approach do you favor?
Logotherapy focuses on one’s future, and psychoanalysis focuses on one’s past. As Dr. Frankl mentions in his book, logotherapy is, “less retrospective and less introspective.” In other words, psychoanalysis is more introspective about one’s current situation as well as retrospective about one’s past. All in all this means logotherapy is focused on finding meaning in the future and how this will benefit humanity, while psychotherapy is focused on the patient’s past. I prefer logotheraphy because it guides one in how to become as opposed to dwelling on one’s failures in the past. I also favor logotheraphy because it makes people understand they are responsible for their future.

3. Describe the different theories of Freud, Adler and Frankl.
Freud’s theory, dubbed “the pleasure principal”, uses the free association technique where patients share their thoughts without hesitation. Freud’s theory revolves around why one did something and attempts to associates events to understand what happened. Based on the belief that the character of an individ...

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...not completely agree with Frankl’s statement, “we watched and witnessed some of our comrades behave like swine while others behaved like saints.” because as Frankl contradicts his own theory that each individual must determines who they are and how they behave. If an observer sees others “behave like swine”, it really is not the observer’s place to make this judgment because only those observed can determine if they are “like swine”. Those, which appear from the outside to “behave like swine”, may actually understand from their unique perspective the benefit of this behavior in their existence. Similarly, “others behaved like saints” may actually be suffering severely because they may not be deciding to be saints, but are actually behaving how society determines good and so are reacting without their own will or understanding that they must choose how they behave.

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